Electronic Games

The most popular and popular online game platform in recent years

Electronic Games

If you are friends who like to play video games, they must have been troubled recently. Because of the new crown virus, there is no way to go to the nearby electronic amusement center to have a good time. If you go to play two of them and get sick because of this, you have no money. It’s not cost-effective to spend a lot of money on medical expenses if you earn it! Don’t worry, I’m here today to introduce my own video games. Not only are there a wide variety of video games, but the style is also very detailed. You can definitely solve the boredom of not being able to go out and have a chance to win big money! Let’s read on.

Introduction to video games

The so-called “electronic games” actually first appeared on the machines of some roadside stores, such as the Tom Bear, which I played when I was young, is a typical example. With the changes in Taiwan’s laws and regulations, unless the store has applied for a legal license from the government, the lottery tickets won can only be exchanged for prizes. The electronic games provided by online casinos do not have these annoying restrictions, and players can easily exchange for cash. More importantly, because there is no limitation of physical equipment, there are many types of electronic games provided by online casinos. Usually, there are 1,000 games in an casino that are only for pediatrics!

Types of video games

The content of video games is very diverse, because this type of game is actually just “electronic” all game games. The casino will design many interesting themes to package, such as Chinese style, animation style, girlish style, 18 ban… And so on, so that players can not only experience the thrill of the game, but also sublimate the entire game experience, integrate it into the entire story background, and increase the fun of playing. The game is divided into the following major categories.

QT video games:

There are as many as 520 games in QT games. There are so many games that even veterans can’t choose. I recommend several game categories.

Slot machine:

The classic undefeated slot machine is a must-play item in the QT game, and it also adds many elements, including 12 zodiac signs, three kingdoms and five tigers, new year, Christmas… etc. It is guaranteed to let you play the most slot machines and let you get it Can’t stop.

Scratch card:

Scratch card is actually a bit similar to a slot machine, but the gameplay is simpler. There will be a 3*3 grid in the game. After the player places a bet, the corresponding bonus will be obtained according to the result of the card. It is fast and simple. It is the first choice for players who want to make money.

table games:

Game types include blackjack, American roulette, dragon tiger, baccarat… etc. They are all common popular games in casinos. If you are tired of playing live games and watching the croupiers, you might as well choose to play in the table games. Make you more sense of accomplishment!


7PK is a very classic video game, and his gameplay is very similar to stud. But it is composed of 7 playing cards. During the game, the player has a total of four chances to bet, or they can choose not to raise and open the card directly. If after all seven cards are opened, if the card type corresponds to the winning card type, the prize will be awarded according to the odds. The winning card types include: Royal flush, five-way, straight flush, iron (four-way), full house, flush, straight, three-way, and two pairs.

AE video games:

Although there are not as many AE games as QT games, the feature here is that most of them are Chinese-style games. Here you can find the super classic game “Mahjong”. In addition, it is like lucky dice, great profit, and hair. Fat, fortune and treasure, more than every year, are all very fun games. If you are particularly fond of Chinese style games. You will never be disappointed here.

AV video games:

Seeing the name of this category, I shouldn’t need to explain it. AV games combine eroticism and gaming to make your gaming experience more exciting, whether it’s common Japanese AV actresses or Chinese Jin Ping Mei elements, or even super sexy Anime characters can satisfy any of your preferences, allowing you to enjoy the double pleasure of winning money and vision.