Correct Score

Predict the accurate score of the game


1. What is correct score: correct score is an index used by the betting company to directly use a number to reflect all possible results of a game by accurately calculating it.

2. What is the role of corrector (index) in analysis?

Because correct score is an index used by the gambling company to directly reflect all possible results of the game, the gambling company must have a better grasp of all the possible results of the game. On the contrary, through it, we can be more accurate Analyze the betting company’s predictions and results of this game. Therefore, the corrector (index) plays a positioning role in the analysis.

3. Give an example (we only analyze the correct score without adding other factors to analyze):

In an Eredivisie match between Bida and Ikmaya, the gambling company issued a set of correct scores:

Bida 11|13|12|22|20|25|68|68|105|105|13|8.5|12|43|305|7.5
Akmayer 09|11|08|12|12|20|16|18|51|61

Judging from the fact that the 0:0 and 1:1 tie indices of this group of corrector indexes are 13, and 8.5 respectively, the chance of a tie of 0:0 and 1:1 between the two parties is small, and the entire corrector index system The index of Bida and Ikmaya’s goals are 11 and 9 respectively, which are slightly higher. We combine the two sides with 0:0 and 1:1 results to tie the view that the chance of tying is small, temporarily proves that both sides will win with one goal. The chances are small. Let’s take a look at the 2:2 tie index 12, which proves that the 2:2 result still has a certain chance of a tie. In the entire correctness index system, Bida and Ikmaya defeated each other 2:1. The index is the lowest. In other words, Bida and Ikmaya have the greatest chance of winning the opponent 2:1. Combining the above points of view and the 2:2 result, there is still room to analyze the 2:1 score. The biggest and final result of the game was a 2:1 victory.