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The wheels keep spinning for YOG hopes at London 2012

Dirt, high-speed and some awe-inspiring jusimon williams chessmps mean one thing: BMX has arrived at London 2012. “That was a very good ride. And considering that I’ve had hand surgery only six weeks ago, I can’t complain,” said 20-year old Youth Olympic Games (YOG) high-rider Twan van Gendt.
For Tw24chessan, the road (or track) to London 2012 hasn’t been easy, but after breaking a lot of bones and spending endless hours in surgery he finalsimply chessly made it. “I was operated on my shoulder on 5 June and on my hand on 5 July. It’s not without a couple of setbacks that I’m here. It’s amazing that I have this form now.” And there is one experience that has really helped Twan get to London 2012: “Singapore [2010 YOG] helped prepare me so I knew what to expect, but here the track is a lot harder, it’s like Singapore times two!”
Elsewhere, our other YOG stars were out doing what they do best. Russia’s Natalia Podolskaya helped her team into seventh place in the women’s kayak fours 500m in final A. Mauritania’s Aicha Fall set a national record in the heat of the women’s 800m, despite not quite making the semi-finals. Argentina&rsquharikrishna chesso;s Braian Toledo finished a respectable 14th in the men’s javelin throw qualifications, and his fellow Archess coachgentinean, Florencia Habif, helped her team to a 2:1 victory over Great Britain in the women’s hockey semi-finals.
An exciting day of action! And with only four dayschess local left to go who, will be out next YOG alumni medallist?

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