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News from the National Olympic Committee of Iceland

Find here the latest news from the National Olympchessbase onlineic Committee: events, courses, general assemblies and elections, tropchessbase online databasehies and much more.
16 November 2020
The NOC of Iceland has launched a social media campaign called #verumhraust, which can be tchess universeranslated as #StayHealthy. The aim of the campaign is to motivate people to exercise regularly, stay healthy and take care of their health. Public authorities in Iceland have stressed that, during the COVID-19 fischer chessperiod, it is important to pursue regular physical activity. From 31 October square off chess boardto 17 November, all organised sport is banned both indoors and outdoors in Iceland. When organised sport becompure chesses an option again, the NOC will add to the campaign messages that will encourage people to try any of the more than 50 recognised sports and disciplines practised in Iceland within any of the 33 national federations.  More info at

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