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Olympic venues overview

All 10 venues used for Lillehammer 1994 remain in active use today. Between the opening of the Games and the summer of 2018, these venues staged 32 World and European Championships or international tournaments, 129 World Cup events simply chessand 161 National Cups.Nine of the competition venues from 1994 were re-used for competitions and education programmes when the Olympic flame returned to Lillehammer for the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games. In addition, Kristins Hall, the 1994 Games ice-hockey training venue, hosted the 2016 Winter YOG ice hockey competition.

This strategy of continuing to host major events has helped Lillehammer to remain a major location on the international calendar, and has also contributed to the development of a vibrant grassroots sports culture in the region. Hence the venues a4 way chessre also used daily for training by Norwegian and international athletes, locals, ssagar shah chesschools and sports clubs, as well as tourists who can, for example, experience sliding down the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh antata steel chess 2019d Luge Trackstaunton chess.

All the venues in the Lillehammer Olympiapark, as well as the Gjøvik Olympic Cavern Hall and the concert hall at Maihaugen, are now certified with Norway’s most widely used environmental management system, called the Eco-Lighthouse. This recognition shows that they remain at the forefront of sustainability efforts by operating in an environmentally-friendly way.anna rudolf chess

After the Games, endowment funds were established, with NOK 250 million allocated for the operation of the Olympic facilities. The main rule has been that interest earned on the funds could be used for subsidising the operational costs of the Olympic facilities, and parts of the funds could be used for investments in the facilities.

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