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Beijing 2022 scales up collaboration with host cities for talent development and training

Earlier this year, Beijing 2022, together with its host cities, set up a working group for coordinating talent development and related training programmes. Fifty-five different departments have worked together to facilitate the integrchess starsation of talent and training resourcbrass chess setes by:

introducing 15 measures in cooperation with the education authorities of the host cities to encourage the wide participation of universities in Games preparations and to train the students;
working with the human resources department of the Beijing Municipality to implement specific measugotham chessres for the training of venue owners, in order to help thwooden chess boardem attractchess puzzles online and develop appropriate specialists; and
collaborating with the spmastering the chess openingsorts department of the Beijing Municipality to optimise training sessions for specialists in course/track ground operations and organise a series of learning activities in refrigeration, ice resurfacing, snow making/grooming and cable car operations.facebook

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